Navcha Murray 

International Linguist
Contact - Tel: +44 0 7748 712113 - Email: navchaa_a@yahoo.com

Example Assignments - Elsewhere:

Mongolian Energy Sector officials in Washington DC. (Navcha on the left of the picture)

  • Oxford University two day “Social Impact Assessment in the Mongolian Minerals Sector Training Workshop” - Simultaneous online interpretation

  • Online Russian and Mongolian classes for children and adults including students from Germany and Belgium.

  • Study Tour Interpreter / Translator / Escort for Mongolian Officials in:

USA – USAID Study Tour on Commercialisation of Energy Sector

  Australia – AusAID Study Tour for Mongolian water sector modernisation

Ireland, UK World Bank study tour for Mongolian transport sector modernisation

  • International Government / commercial arbitration in Frankfurt, Germany.

  • Deposition and Arbitration Hearings for Mongolian Government / commercial arbitration at ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) International Court of Arbitration, Paris, France.

  • Government / commercial arbitration in The Hague Netherlands.

  • Seoul, international Chiefs of Defence Conference, South Korea,

  • Brussels, PISA (OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment) (retained as final verifier), Belgium.

  • other projects also in Russia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam.