Example Assignments - Elsewhere

Oxford University two day “Social Impact Assessment in the Mongolian Minerals Sector Training Workshop” - Simultaneous online interpretation

Online Russian and Mongolian classes for children and adults including students from Germany and Belgium

Study Tour Interpreter / Translator / Escort for Mongolian Officials in:
- USA & USAID Study Tour on Commercialisation of Energy Sector
- Australia & AusAID Study Tour for Mongolian water sector modernisation
- Ireland - World Bank study tour for Mongolian transport sector modernisation

International Government / commercial arbitration in Frankfurt, Germany

Deposition and Arbitration Hearings for Mongolian Government / commercial arbitration at ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) International Court of Arbitration, Paris, France

Government / commercial arbitration in The Hague Netherlands

Seoul, international Chiefs of Defence Conference, South Korea

Brussels, PISA (OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment) (retained as final verifier), Belgium.

Mongolian Energy Sector officials in Washington DC. (Navcha on the left)