Navcha Murray International Linguist 

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7 Millman Place, Great James Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 3EA, UK

SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)

Reference for Navcha Murray

To Whom it May Concern, I write the following as a reference for Navcha Murray in the hopes that it will be taken as evidence of her outstanding professional character. Navcha was hired to intensively aid my Mongolian (Khalkha) language learning as part of the Language Acquisition Fund Programme at the Doctoral School of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London from April to June 2018. She was instrumental in communicating with a host institution which would be able to structure and provide a bespoke Mongolian training course at short notice, demonstrating a strong ability to harmonise the individual needs of the student within an administrative framework.

I have had many private tutors for varying levels of Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and Spanish language, but Navcha definitely stands out given her keen attention to lesson plans and preparation. She researched and composed weekly reading texts and writing homework whilst paying equal attention to fostering listening, speaking and conversation skills. Navcha also applied impeccable English and translation skills which further aided my understanding of the course content.

Given my medium-term Mongolian language research needs were centred on reading complex materials on history and archaeology, Navcha had the flexibility to go above and beyond the expected effort to bring me up to a level of basic competence in a relatively short time. Navcha also incorporated essential cultural and contextual insights that would help any student acquire a firm basis by which to eventually visit and/or work in Mongolia, a benefit less realisable through self-study or textbook learning.

Another welcome and beneficial element of Navcha’s lessons included various games such as “sentence building,” recipe reading and trivia in Mongolian. This made each session engaging and memorable which ultimately is the desired goal of language education in general.

The Mongolian language education market in London is particularly difficult to navigate, but Navcha provided thoroughly-planned and seamless instruction that has given me the confidence to advance my Mongolian level and career. I would therefore highly recommend Navcha in her capacity as a genuinely high-calibre language teacher. I believe potential students of Navcha will be both impressed and inspired by the quality of her work and dynamic teaching style.

Sincerely, Doctoral Candidate SOAS, University of London