Navcha Murray 

International Linguist
Contact - Tel: +44 0 207 242 8363 - Mobile: +44 0 7748 712113 - Email: navchaa_a@yahoo.com

Example Assignments - In Mongolia:

  • USAID Project on Commercialisation of Energy Sector
  • Asian Development Bank projects in housing and infrastructure sectors (including translation of legislation)
  • World Bank projects in transport and infrastructure sectors (including translation of legislation)
  • UNDP numerous ad hoc translation and interpretation assignments
  • TACIS Programme GTZ World Trade Organisation project (reports published)
  • Teacher of English to Ministry of Infrastructure
  • Compilation of Social Security glossary (Published)
  • Teacher of English at a Language Institute
  • Biotechnology microbiology English to Russian translations
  • Researching informal gold mining (report published)
  • Translation of Operations manuals for Rio Tinto
   Goats skin boots are great at -40C in the Mongolian winter!

Student comment from City Lit website: “Excellent teacher - so patient and supportive to all. Her passion for the language was infectious.”